The project, Feasibility Study and Assessment of Centralised Renewable Hydrogen Production in BC followed by a Pilot Plant Development, was led by ITM Power with support from G&S Budd Consulting Ltd. and partners Mitsui & Co., Chiyoda Corporation and BC Hydro. The initiative was funded by the BC Government.

Generally, the idea is to use ITM Power’s PEM electrolyser technology and Chiyoda’s new liquid organic hydrogen carrier, SPERA Hydrogen.


The study analysed more than ten potential locations for the installation and operational business cases for up to 300 MW of electrolysis paired with the liquid organic hydrogen carrier technology.

The results of the study will be used by ITM Power, Mitsui & Co. and Chiyoda Corporation to consider the installation of a facility in BC which has the potential to be the world’s largest hydrogen production facility.

Steve Jones, Managing Director, stated

TM Power is pleased with the results of this feasibility study which highlights the BC region as one of the world's best locations for the generation and export of large-scale renewable hydrogen.