Ross Millar

Ross Millar

Ross is a trained Master Mariner with over 18 years’ shipping experience and holds an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics from Glasgow University. His education gives him a remarkable insight into vessel operations. Ross has been invited to speak at numerous global shipping events and participates in all manner of events on industry-related issues as a speaker, panellist, and presenter. Before joining the Club, he worked for a prominent city law firm specialising in marine casualty investigation and contentious litigation. He has handled collisions, groundings, fire, major loss of life, salvage, and cargo claims. His maritime experience includes ferry, offshore, and cruise vessel operations. Ross later served as a Master on Ro-Pax vessels with a well-known ferry operator and prior to moving to London held a Pilotage position at a busy harbour. During this time, he completed over 900 acts of Pilotage on various vessels, gaining a solid understanding of ship handling on a range of different vessel types.

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The evolution of alternative fuels

During the 2023 GREEN4SEA Athens Forum, Mr. Ross Millar, Loss Prevention Associate, Steamship Mutual, presented the evolution of alternative fuels from the P&I Club perspective. The maritime sector is currently evaluating a range of alternative fuels to replace conventional fuels, each with their own set of advantages—and drawbacks. In this regard, industry stakeholders need assistance and information to make wise decisions on their path to decarbonization and steer clear of any claims that could materially affect their P&I coverage.

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