Mark Clark

Mark Clark

Mark has over 20 years’ experience working on crisis desks in UK government transport and health departments including at 10 Downing Street. Between 1997 and 2011 he headed the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency’s (MCA) public relations and media department.At the MCA he led the media response to many high profile shipping incidents including the losses of the MSC Napoli, Green Lily and Ice Prince and assisted in the joint media response to the losses of the car carrier ‘Tricolor’ and chemical carrier ‘Ievoli Sun’. Responding, as well, to at sea incidents, he managed communications for the M/V ‘Kukawa’, M/V ‘Dole America’ and M/T ‘Atlantic Prosperity’ amongst many others. Mark is a former print and BBC radio journalist with experience working at home and abroad. He also worked extensively for a leading British defence company where he was responsible for elevating its social media presence in highly sensitive areas.He is a vociferous advocate for the maritime industry to paying closer attention to social media platforms as part of reputation management and his lectures and blogs feature examples of media management that has failed because of inadequate online engagement.Mark heads-up Navigate's crisis response, media training and social media activities.

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Losing control of the beach was just the icing on the cake

In this article, Mark Clark, Director of the MTI Network, discusses the necessity of a coordinated media response in case of a large mega box ship casualty. Analyzing the example of the MSC Napoli grounding off UK in 2007, Mr. Clark explains what are the key steps to follow when managing such a media crisis.

12 phrases to avoid in a crisis

Mr Mark Clark, Director, Navigate Response says that in the heat of an incident there is no time to analyse every ‘nuance’, therefore he advises what you should avoid.

Lights, camera, doorbell!

- While your vessel lies stranded on a beach somewhere, spilling bunker oil and the subject of a thousand cameras, being lightly grilled by a news anchor is not the most pleasant experience in the world. The journalist is asking...

Anyone told the front desk?

- When an incident breaks on board your ship in a far off location, and the phones are constantly rattling off the table as the calls keep coming, what do you tell the journalist who may ring within the first ten minutes and...

Get a social media strategy – advice for beginners

- So you don't work for a major shipping company, and you don't have several thousand pounds to spend on large broadsheet adverts which showed your non existent links to the Olympic Games? Panic not, there is still hope to get...

Costa Concordia and Social Media

- When a shipping incident occurs, we turn to social media to keep us informed; abreast of developments, and allow the many to comment and speculate on the topic. When on the 13 January 2012 at about 9:45 pm, in calm seas and...