Specifically, the software solution would enable the company to get a detailed insight into the fuel consumption and carbon emissions from the fleet of offshore vessels operating on the Norwegian Shelf.

The oil company reported that the agreement has an one-year duration with an option to extend.

Also, it is stated that the software will be able to conduct informed and data-driven decisions on how to decrease carbon emissions during operations.

Gathering fuel and carbon emission data wa a challenging activity for the company. Now, Maress connects available data streams from vessel hardware and makes the data comparable across vessels, segments, or specific parts of the operations.

The oil company noted that they will use the technology to evaluate the direct savings from specific initiatives such as the installation of a battery system on a vessel along with deciding what fuel-saving initiatives to deploy.

Referring to the agreement, Gunn Elin Hellegaard, VP for Logistics & Marine in Aker BP stated that

Our ambition is that Maress will strengthen this collaboration even further and enable us to shave off several additional percentage points in the fuel consumption of the fleet that we charter ... The environmental potential of this is significant.