The agreement was signed on 17 September, on the occasion of Gastech 2019.

Under the JDP, Samsung Heavy will deliver the concept and basic design for a next generation LNG carrier which will incorporate an advanced air lubrication system for improved efficiency.

In addition, the concept will incorporate smart-ship technologies. ABS, which has classed the world's first LNG carrier, will carry out design review of the structure and arrangements.

SHI has introduced advanced LNG carriers to the market successfully with industry leading partners such as ABS. In this JDP we will focus on the examination and realization of future technologies with SHI’s most advanced LNG carrier design to meet current and future market demand,

...said Jong H Youn, Vice President of SHI.

Under another joint development project (JDP) earlier in 2019, SHI partnered with Finnish technology group Wärtsilä with the goal to achieve a more efficient solution for LNG Carrier and Shuttle tanker vessels.