In 2017 USCG issued that the regulated maritime facilities in the United States address cyber security in their FSPs.

This was first disseminated in the draft Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) 05-17. Since then, many are the regulated facilities that have been asking how to be compliant.

Specifically, ABS's solution provides a pathway for port and terminal operators to address all five functional areas of NIST—including all 108 sub-categories—into a comprehensive assessment that produces an actionable plan to augment existing FSPs and streamline the efforts of Facility Security Officers, IT, and OT personnel.

Moreover, ABS states that is able to help in FSP development, training of FSOs as well as additional personnel, and implementation of risk mitigation strategies identified in the facility cyber assessment.

Dave Nichols, Director of Business Development, ABS Advanced Solutions, noted

We’ve listened to our client partners and developed a solution that categorically addresses the Coast Guard’s cyber intent—and is easily implemented and understood by facility security personnel.

Also, the USCG approached the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cyber Security Framework (NIST CSF) as the ideal way to be implemented by regulated facilities.

The ABS solution incorporates the NIST CSF into an easy-to-follow approach that demystifies cyber security.