Specifically, the truck park on Maasvlakte has about 360 spaces. The area is being monitored, so by paying a small fee, truckers can stray there safely, and comfortably, as the site has all the conveniences as showers, toilets, washing machines and dryers, lockers and trucker restaurant Routiers.

Because of the traffic the site sees, the authority decided to expand the area by additional 200 spaces.


The video above, presents the site over a 24-hour cycle.

Overall, the port pays attention to the parking areas around it so that there's no traffic congestion. Back in March 2019 and in fear of Brexit, the port of Rotterdam created five new buffer parking sites, so that trucks were able to wait there at a temporary base if their customs documents have not been properly prepared for maritime crossings to the UK, when the country leaves the European Union on 29 March 2019.