War and terrorism risks

For 2016, cover for war and terrorism risks will remain available from the Club in accordance with the relevant proviso to Rule 3.1.1 of the Rules of Class I.

This cover will apply in excess of an insured vessel’s proper hull value, or $100 million, whichever is the less, and will be $500 million for 2016, the same figure as obtains for the current policy year.

Addendum I to this Circular (see below) sets out the terms of this excess cover (together with a copy of an earlier Circular which clarified some ancillary issues attendant upon the provision of the cover).

It will apply to all vessels insured on fully mutual conditions in accordance with the Rules of Class I, into the cover of which these terms will be deemed to be incorporated.

Cover in respect of biological and bio-chemical weapons

The International Group of P&I Clubs’ pooling facility to provide cover for certain war and terrorism risks, which are otherwise excluded because most War Risk Hull and P&I policies contain a biochemical exclusion, will continue for the forthcoming policy year.

The risks covered by virtue of the pooling facility are in respect of a Member’s liability:

a. to pay damages, compensation or expenses in consequence of the personal injury to, or illness or death of, any seaman (including diversion expenses, repatriation and substitute expenses and shipwreck unemployment indemnity); and

b. for the legal costs and expenses incurred solely for the purpose of avoiding or minimizing any other P&I liability arising from a bio-chemical event (other than under Class 1, Rule 2, Section 20, being the “Omnibus Clause”)

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Source: The American P&I Club