Concerning inspection, the crewmembers weren’t eligible for inspection, according to the ship’s priority.

Yet, Marina di Carrara Port State Control office received a complaint by email regarding the long lasting non-payment of due wages by the captain and the shameful sanitary and safety conditions on board.

Thus, in light of the crewmembers' living conditions, the PSC team decided to board the ship to verify the situation and safety conditions. Consequently, an unexpected factor message was inserted in Thetis and a PSC inspection initiated.

According to Paris MoU's report, the inspectors, while approaching the vessel, saw that all seafarers engaged in cargo operations were not wearing the appropriate PPE and additionally it was noted that the submersion of the Plimsoll Eye was due to the overloading of the ship and a wrong stowage of cargo.

The inspection focused on details, such as the accommodation, sanitary facilities, quantity and quality of food, working and living conditions and other items falling under MLC 2006.

After the inspection, the PSC team resulted to 18 deficiencies, with some of them being:

  • A mephitic smell all over the accommodation area, due to sanitary facilities without working flushes;
  • Broken basins with water leakages next to electrical devices;
  • Inoperative or insufficient ventilation;
  • Dirty wool covers on mattresses instead of sheets;
  • Rain and/or humidity penetrations inside crew quarters and cabins due to cracked windows;
  • Insects and filth were found in the galley.

As all the deficiencies were rectified, the vessel departed for Saida on 21 March 2019.