Specifically, SEA-KIT has launched a new concept in superyacht support vessels, remotely operating it, changing the industry's way of operating and embracing emerging technologies to provide an enhanced leisure experience for yacht owners, their guests and crews.

The vessel is based on the company's Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) technology.

Given that the support vessel is uncrewed, it reduces the environmental impact of superyacht operations; with no crew the vessel can be smaller than a conventional vessel and therefore use much less fuel. In addition, SEA-KIT’s design features a hybrid power system that further reduces energy consumption and costs. A smaller vessel also requires less berthing space in ports and marinas, reducing infrastructure requirements and their associated environmental impact.

The vessel and its operations will be remotely controlled by SEA-KIT’s G-SAVI system. It is stated that the control room can be shore-based or located onboard the superyacht and operations can be passed between control rooms.