Onboard wi-fi for crew email

2011.5.24-Telaurus.jpgTelaurus Communications, a Globecomm Maritime company, has unveiled an enhancement to its crew email product, combining the functionality of its [email protected] suite with proprietary wireless network components.

Telaurus says that crew communications - particularly SMS and email services - have developed from being an 'optional extra' to an essential service for shipowners and managers serious about crew welfare. Evidence from seafarers suggests that communication while at sea not only improves morale and the overall productivity, it can make the difference between crew staying with the fleet or signing off.

The company believes that crew communications must be kept separate from ship's business and there is a need to put the connectivity where the crew can use it safely - in the mess or other communal areas. It ha addressed this need by installing a wireless access point on ships equipped with its [email protected] service to deliver true wireless connectivity to seafarers, accessible via their smartphones or laptop PCs.

The wireless access point allows for multiple computers to be introduced without the need to run extra cable. With the use of an extendable antenna unit the connections can bridge multiple compartments without sacrificing bulkhead integrity and without interfering with ships' business.

Telaurus has completed trials of the wi-fi service onboard ships equipped with [email protected] and plans to install wi-fi access points for many of its customers.

Malcolm McMaster, VP Globecomm Maritime and president Telaurus Communications, said: "The use of PCs onboard ships has been rapidly expanding, and this trend will certainly continue, so using a wireless access point for crew connectivity is a great way to expand the reach of [email protected] A wi-fi solution allows crew to access the system at their leisure and in the comfort of their own accommodation. Even where access cannot be given in personal quarters, an access point can easily be provided in the mess."

Geoff Davison, Telaurus' Product Manager - Value Added Services said: "We have tested wireless connectivity with a commercially available router, and, other than the installation of a configuration file, the set-up is simply a question of unpacking it and plugging the unit into one of the unused ports of the Telaurus provided [email protected] unit.

Once the wireless solution is in place, crew can access emails from their smartphones or laptops simply by connecting to the wireless network."

Source: Motorship