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Watch: Time-Lapse of the world’s biggest nuclear icebreakers

TimeLab, a media-based Russian Company, was filming for a week the Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker Yamal conducting Arctic operations along the Northern Sea Route. The time-lapse presents ice-breaking operations in the Northern Sea Route. 

Watch: Eduart Toll transiting the NSR

Eduard Toll entered the open water in the Chukchi Sea and voyaging to the Chinese port of Jiangsu Rudong. Eduard Toll is the fourth of 15 Arc7 LNG carriers built for the Yamal LNG project and Teekay’s first of six LNG carrier newbuildings contracted to service the project.

Watch: LNG icebreaker completes ice trials for Yamal

The icebreaking LNG Carrier ‘Vladimir Rusanov’, jointly ordered by Japanese MOL and China COSCO Shipping, conducted its first loading operations in the Yamal LNG plant at Sabetta port, from 27 to 28 March. The vessel is the first of three newbuilding vessels for the two companies in the Yamal LNG Project.

Icebreaker Eduard Toll transits Northern Sea

Soon after delivery, the icebreaker ‘Eduard Toll’ completed both its first loading at Sabetta Terminal Russia and first discharge in Montoir, France. This marked a major milestone for shipping in the Arctic. ‘Eduard Toll’s’ journey is the first time a shipping vessel made independent passage, without the support of an ice breaker, during this time of year. 


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