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KR’s Christmas gift to the World Maritime University

KR donates software to WMU The Korean Register of Shipping (KR) - an IACS member classification society - has donated 150 copies of its award-winning KR-CON software application to the World Maritime University in Malmö, Sweden.KR-CON is a database application that contains full up-to-date texts of all IMO Conventions, Codes, Resolutions and Circulars in a single USB device. It helps users navigate through the complexities of IMO regulations and assists them to apply the various rules and regulations correctly.KR's Chairman and CEO, Mr Oh Kong-gyun signed a Memorandum of Understanding with WMU President, Dr. Björn Kjerfve to donate 150 copies of KR-CON to the university and to provide updated versions each year. "KR-CON is one of KR's greatest software and R&D achievements", said Oh Kong-gyun at the signing ceremony. "Using state-of-the-art technology, we have been able to archive the vast repository of IMO-generated material and deliver it in a user-friendly and intelligent format to a range of shipyards, shipping companies, flag states and other maritime authorities. I was particularly proud when we were asked to create and supply a tailored version to the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) to assist with its port state control activities. I am equally proud ...

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INTERTANKO launches PhD Fellowship

PhD Fellowship in Marine Pollution Law at World Maritime University INTERTANKO launches PhD Fellowship in Marine Pollution Law at World Maritime University.INTERTANKO is to fund a three-year PhD study into the emerging law and policy on criminal liability for marine pollution and the effects of this on seafarers.INTERTANKO will be working with the World Maritime University (WMU) and with the individual student chosen to undertake this important work. INTERTANKO's Council has identified criminalisation as a high priority item for the INTERTANKO Work Plan. In addressing this issue, INTERTANKO's Insurance and Legal Committee has sought to study emerging cases, case law and national, regional and international law which supports this 'blame culture' trend."It is this blame culture that has led to the criminalisation of our seafarers simply for doing their job," says Ken Marshall, Chairman of INTERTANKO's Insurance and Legal Committee. "We believe that this work will be a tangible benefit to our Members and indeed to seafarers and the whole shipping industry worldwide." It is to assist this study that INTERTANKO is establishing from January 2012 its PhD Fellowship in Marine Pollution Law at the World Maritime University in Malmo, Sweden."INTERTANKO has taken every opportunity to highlight the unfair treatment ...

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World Maritime University focuses on piracy

The keynote presentation was the SOS SaveOurSeafarers Campaign The World Maritime University's (WMU) International Conference on Piracy at Sea (ICOPAS) attracted a good international gathering of over 400 people this week in Malmo, Sweden.The keynote presentation on the second day was on the subject of the industry's SOS SaveOurSeafarers campaign. Bill Box, Secretary of the campaign's Steering Group gave delegates some background to SOS and an update of what it has achieved in its first 7 months.There were some useful insights offered from the hijacking in 2008 of the general cargo ship CEC Future which stayed under pirate control for 71 days. Gary Porter, Corporate Security Manager of Clipper Ferries/Ro-Ro, shared the lessons learned from this incident:Piracy is an industry - money is what counts.Information sharing is crucial.Prepare for the unexpected - a flexible approach is important.Prepare for the mental tiredness of all those involved.Prior preparation prevents poor performance.Cdr Martin Ewence, Maritime Security Advisor to EUNAVFOR, talked of the need for flexibility in dealing with the piracy scourge, so that naval forces and shipping interests can adapt to changing pirate tactics. It is vital that ship operators work on accordance with the latest Best Management Practice (BMP4), he stressed, adding ...

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Better times for the World Maritime University

The future of this important maritime institution looks more secure Just about everyone in the maritime world agrees that the World Maritime University has been a thoroughly positive development.It was inaugurated in 1983, primarily to provide the practical assistance for the developing world to bring its maritime administrations up to the necessary level to enable them to implement all the regulatory activity being produced by its parent body, the International Maritime Organization.It has, over the years, educated graduates from 157 countries and has established a reputation for advanced education, training and research for a whole range of marine specialities. More important its alumni, now around 3,000 spread around the world, are exactly the people international maritime industry needs to uphold high standards in a universal fashion. Financing the WMU, despite its growing reputation, has been something of a struggle. It is too young an institution to have built up the funds necessary to provide it with the financial stability that is necessary to help it to ride out the occasional economic storms. And while the member states of the parent body agree as to the university's usefulness, only a small minority of member states contribute to its upkeep. Ideally, all ...

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WMU Governors look to the future

Three plans drawn up by the University to guide its future development The World Maritime University (WMU) Board of Governors, meeting for its 29th regular session, has welcomed the improvement in the University's budgetary position since the last session and approved three plans drawn up by the University to guide its future development.The Board met in Malmö City Hall, on 2 June 2011, under the chairmanship of the University's Chancellor, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Secretary-General, Mr. Efthimios Mitropoulos. This was the second meeting of the Board since the governance arrangements at the University were updated, through the revision of its Charter, which came into effect on 1 January 2010. The recently-appointed Chairman of the Executive Board, Mr. Torben Skaanild, also attended the meeting.The Board welcomed the improvement in the University's budgetary position since its last session, which had been achieved through a number of measures including the financial support provided by the IMO in 2010 and 2011; the restructuring of academic programmes; significant cost-saving and income-generating activities by the University itself; and additional donations from governments and industry.The Board noted that, as had been the case since the University's inception, the longer term financial outlook was, however, challenging and ...

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