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Majority of global SOLAS fleet now ECDIS ready

UKHO data published at Posidonia shows that the majority of the global SOLAS fleet is now compliant with the SOLAS regulations on ECDIS carriage as well as significant progress in ECDIS readiness for large cargo. ships

UKHO urges ship owners to upgrade to new digital chart standards

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) reminds that ship owners should upgrade to the latest ECDIS software standards, highlighting the benefits that the new IHO S-52 Presentation Library edition 4.0 will offer.One of the most important initiatives currently underway is the revision to the technical standards for ECDIS.

UKHO announces ECDIS Seminar programme for Posidonia 2016

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office has announced the details of its six free-to-attend ECDIS seminars at Posidonia 2016. The ‘Implementing ECDIS’ seminars are designed to meet the needs of those still adopting ECDIS and the ‘Living with ECDIS’ seminars are for those already operating with ECDIS that wish to be kept informed of new developments.

Italy Approves e-NPs and ADP as SOLAS-Compliant

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has announced that Italy now approves the use of e-Nautical Publications (e-NPs) and ADMIRALTY Digital Publications (ADP) in place of paper equivalents.

UKHO warns of counterfeit ADMIRALTY products

UKHO has observed an increase in the number of counterfeit versions of ADMIRALTY charts and publications in circulation and is re-issuing a warning over the dangers they pose to the safety of vessels, crew and cargo.

UKHO: Updated chart for HRA

UKHO has published its 5th version of the Q6099 chart which includes the reduction in the size of the ‘High Risk’ area as agreed by the countries involved in the setting of limits.


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