ADMIRALTY e-Navigator Planning Station is a free back-of-bridge PC application that helps you to view, manage and update ADMIRALTY products on board.

Recently, they released version 4.2, which includes improved reporting tools to support compliance and other enhancements outlined below.

''If you're an existing user, it's easy to upgrade to ADMIRLATY e-Navigator Planning Station 4.2. Simply request a registration key from your ADMIRALTY Chart Agent and follow the installation processes outlined in our User Guide.'', UKHO states.

Increasing efficiency on board, ADMIRALTY e-Navigator Planning Station 4.2 allows operators to download updates for ADMIRALTY products and services. In the latest version, the software provides them with an estimation of download sizes before you transfer any files. This can help them to manage bandwidth costs when completing order and update tasks.

ADMIRALTY e-Navigator Planning Station version 4 onwards lets operators view when theirdigital ADMIRALTY portfolio was last updated, as well as print a range of reports and certificates to support inspections. These reports are exported in a standard PDF format, displaying vessels holding and update status.