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New marine innovation programme to support development of Blue Economy

The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has launched a new innovation programme to help start-ups and innovators develop solutions for safe, secure and thriving oceans. One of the challenges seeks to identify how navigational data can be used to support the safe navigation of Marine Autonomous Surface Ships. 

Marine geospatial data boost Blue Economy

Our oceans are critical to so many aspects of our day-to-day lives. In the UK alone, they provide jobs for over 500,000 people, contribute more than £47 billion to the economy, and are the means through which 95% of all trade reaches the UK. Globally, people rely on the ocean for trade, food, energy and other valuable resources, as well as enabling environmental protection and international aid.

UK, Seychelles cooperate to tackle piracy in the Indian Ocean

The UK Hydrographic Office has presented Security of Navigation, Stabilisation Advice and Training to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Seychelles. The training is designed to improve maritime security and safety of navigation in the Indian Ocean by helping Seychelles share crucial maritime safety information with ships and partners in the region. 

UK funds study on safe navigation of autonomous ships

UK government has funded a new study intended to identify future data requirements for autonomous shipping. Comprising partners as the UK Hydrographic Office, L3 ASV and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, the study seeks to explore how navigational and wider geospatial data can be used to enable the safe navigation of smart and unmanned autonomous vessels.

UK invests £5 mil. to improve location-based information

The UK government will invest £5 million to help the UK Hydrographic Office and partner bodies on Geospatial Commission enhance the value of location-based information. UK’s Geospatial Commission aims to improve the quality of key, publicly-held data and make it easier to access and use.

UKHO surveys Dominica waters to support ship safety and environment

UKHO deployed a motorboat to survey waters off Dominica, as part of the CME Programme. Data from the survey will be used to update navigation charts of the region and help Dominica to meet its international maritime obligations, including Implementation of IMO IIIC.

New hydrographic survey to improve safety in Cayman Islands

The UK Hydrographic Office shared the results of a seabed mapping program to improve safe navigation in Cayman waters. This program will help the Cayman Islands to comply with the Safety of Life at Sea Convention. The project aims to publish new charts with data from the areas that will be surveyed.

UKHO releases new publication for efficient passage planning

UKHO introduced route diagrams alongside tabulated waypoint and route data to help mariners find key information quickly. It has also identified the world’s busiest trade routes for inclusion in the new edition, as well as those that are emerging. New route additions include voyages for ships calling at important commodity hubs in the Black Sea and Persian Gulf.

UKHO to support Belize’s marine economy

After a stakeholder meeting took place along the Belize Port Authority and wider government earlier in January, priority areas will be surveyed, capturing sonar data of Belize’s main ports and approaches. Namely, high frequency mapping sonars are being used, which have no negative impact on its diverse ecosystems and marine life.

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