Lessons learned from fishing vessel fatal capsizing

In light of the recently-published investigation into the fatal capsizing of the fishing vessel ‘Laura Jane’ off Plymouth in May 2018, the UK MAIB issued a safety flyer with valuable safety lessons learned for the fishing industry, stressing risks associated with vessel overloading and poor stability assessment. 

UK MCA detains Russian bulk carrier after refloating

After a successful refloating of the Russian bulk carrier ‘Kuzma Minin’ last week off Cornwell, UK MCA Surveyors conducted a PSC Inspection in the early evening of 18 December and confirmed a breach in one of the fuel tanks. Tank readings indicate the tank has filled with water as a consequence of the grounding, however no pollution has been reported. 

Two die because of carbon monoxide on board motor cruiser

In its latest safety digest, UK MCA highlights the danger of the carbon monoxide. UK MCA presents an incident where two people on board an inland waterways motor cruiser died due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide from the wet exhaust probably entered the accommodation through gaps.

UK MCA: How to limit risk of CO2 release incidents

The UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency informed of two serious and potentially near fatal accidental CO2 releases on UK ships in the last two years. In both cases the CO2 leaked from the manifold into the CO2 room. UK MCA reminds operators that CO2 is highly asphyxiating.

Six new detentions reported in UK ports in January

The UK MCA announced that ten foreign flagged ships were under detention in UK ports during January 2018 after failing Port State Control inspection. During January, there were six new detentions of foreign flagged vessels in a UK port, while four vessels remained under detention from previous months.

Russian-flagged vessel 'significantly listing' off UK

The UK Coastguard assisted a Russian flagged vessel that had a significant list just outside Portsmouth Harbour. However, inclement weather impedes plans to move ‘Mekhanik Yartsev’, which remains at anchor in the Solent Plans and will transit in to Southampton Harbour with tug escort on 28 December.

Captain fined after cargo vessel grounding

The captain of the Dutch motor vessel ‘Ruyter’ that ran aground at Rathlin Island has been fined £1,000 at Armagh Magistrate’s Court, after pleading guilty to failing to keep a proper look out. 


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