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Abducted Captain of Royal 16 found dead

The Captain was taken hostage along with five more crew members, when 10 armed men, believed to relate with Abu Sayyaf group, boarded the vessel in November 2016, while underway off Basilan, in South Philippine sea, and abducted six of the 19 crew members onboard.

Maritime security in focus of US-ASEAN cooperation

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations Defense Ministers’ meeting, held in Clark, Philippines, this week, focused on the importance of high-level discussions of strategic defense and security matters, including North Korea, terrorism and maritime security.

Australia, Philippines enhance anti-terrorism cooperation

As part of Australia’s and the Philippines’ cooperation, defense forces will also work together to strengthen intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance in the southern Philippines, as well as enhancing maritime security engagement and maritime patrols between the two countries.

How P&I cover operates in shipboard cyber risks

As navigation and propulsion systems on board ships and offshore units become increasingly dependent upon computer technology, the threat of cyber attack has emerged as a significant exposure. In a recent article, Standard Club outlines how standard P&I cover operates in respect of shipboard cyber risks.

Crew undergoes 'disturbing' phone inspection in China

Immigration Authorities boarded a non-Chinese flag ship alongside in Ningbo and asked the entire crew to surrender their mobile phones, content of which was uploaded to authorities’ laptop for inspection, West of Engalnd P&I Club informed citing the Hong Kong Shipowners Association.

New maritime transit corridors in effect

The battle occurring in the southern Philippine city of Marawi between supporters of Islamic State and the Philippine’s government, has raised many fears for piracy, kidnapping and terrorism. SQE MARINE consulting company informs about the new security transit corridors which have been set in the aforementioned areas. 

Philippine military rescues kidnapped crew man

Philippine troops have safely rescued a Vietnamese sailor, who was seized by Abu Sayyaf terrorists more than nine months ago, off Basilan province, a top military official announced on Monday. The sailor was kidnapped in November 2016 from the bulk carrier Royal 16, together with five more crew men, in the vicinity of Coco Island.

UKMTO issues updated Bab El Mandeb warning

The North of England P&I Club draws attention to a new UKMTO notice which urges vigilance to vessels transiting Bab El Mandeb from the Gulf of Aden, following recent attacks on two vessels which fired  upon with small arms and rocket propelled grenades from multiple small skiffs.

Kidnappers behead two hostage Vietnamese sailors

The Armed Forces of the Philippine confirmed that Abu Sayyaf group beheaded two Vietnamese sailors, who have been held as hostages for the last eight months. The victims were two of six crew members kidnapped by the ASG, after it hijacked their ship, Royal 16 bulk-carrier, off Basilan waters, in November 2016.


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