Through the signed agreement, Robosys will have the chance to access to MARIN's Dolphin Simulation Software and MARIN for its side will acquire Robosys’ Voyager 100 autonomous navigation software.

As part of their collaboration, MARIN will tend its focus on establishing a facility to measure compliance of autonomous navigation software following the IMO international collision regulations (COLREGS).


At the same time, Robosys will supply the Voyager Series reference software so as to compare candidate test software systems.

For the records, the scoring system which will be used for the above-mentioned comparisons is yet to be finalised.

We believe that this will lead to improved safety of systems at sea and an important step towards practical regulation of the industry.

...Robosys Automation Ltd noted.

The software testing operations will be carried out by the Maritime Operations division of MARIN, while it will further measure the Obstacle Avoidance abilities of the software and award a compliance score.

Once the testing operations be completed, a Comparison List of performance results will aid to develop future regulation of the sector.

In light of the e-navigation, MF Bastø VI recently conducted its first fully automatic journey between Horten and Moss while having passengers onboard.