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Hull fouling clauses and prolonged stays

Hull fouling  has long been recognised as a significant threat to the efficient operation of a ship. Ms. Julie Mangiante, an Assistant Vice President, Claims, Skuld P&I Club discusses potential fouling disputes risen regarding cleaning costs in case of prolonged stays, for example, in tropical waters. 

Managing alien stowaways

In this article, Charles Anderson, Senior Vice President, Head of Skuld New York, provides a brief guide to US Ballast Water Regulations, the Vessel General Permit and the 2018 Commercial Vessel Incidental Discharge Act.

Possible fuel contamination at Port of Fujairah

Skuld Club informed about an advice by Lloyd’s Register, warning about a number of fuel oil samples from deliveries in Fujairah which have been found to have an elevated Total Acid Number (TAN). The tested TAN values were all significantly over the average for the port

Risks regarding switching bills of lading

As Skuld Club often receives queries from operators, requesting to switch bills of lading, it notes that although the practice is widespread, there is much confusion with regarding whether owners can comply with such request, how new bills should be issued, and whether P&I cover is at risk.

Anti-technicality notice viewed from charterers’ perspective

As Skuld Club informs, issues regarding the service of anti-technicality notices and the withdrawal of ships are almost exclusively approached from a shipowners’ perspective. However, these issues are also related to charterers both in terms of contractual rights and the protections afforded charterers when experiencing unreasonable attempts to withdraw.

Clarifications on the use of FONAR

Aiming to clarify the situation regarding Fuel Oil Non-Availability Reports (FONARs), Skuld Club says that it is a discretionary tool for a Member State to lessen the breach of MARPOL Annex VI. However, it explains that FONARs are not an exemption but rather a self-declaration by owners that a breach has or is about to take place.

Bunker suppliers cause imbalance to BIMCO bunker terms

As Skuld Club informs, whether operators purchase bunkers as an owner or charterer of a vessel, sometimes the standard terms and conditions of the relevant bunker supplier can be slanted in favour of the bunker supplier. Joanna Meadows, Vice President, Claims, Solicitor at Skuld Club, notes that operators many times have a little time for making a claim, in case the bunkers are not of the agreed quantity or quality.

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