Abdulgani Serang

Abdulgani Serang

bdulgani Serang is the Programme Development Manager at ITF Seafarers Trust, UK, where he leads initiatives aimed at enhancing the mental wellbeing of seafarers and their families. With a focus on fostering resilience and support systems, Abdulgani is dedicated to promoting the "NUSI Sahara" module, a 24/7 helpline offering counseling and support services to seafarers and their families.

In his role, Abdulgani actively engages with stakeholders to garner focused involvement and commitment towards the welfare of seafarers. He advocates for increased participation of women and youth in decision-making processes within the maritime industry, recognizing the importance of diverse perspectives in shaping policies and initiatives.

As a firm believer in Union Social Responsibility (USR), Abdulgani strives to uphold ethical practices and promote social welfare within the seafaring community.

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ITF Seafarers’ Trust: Shorter contracts, permanent employment will boost Seafaring appeal

Abdulgani Serang, Programme Development Manager at ITF Seafarers’ Trust, emphasizes the need to move beyond mere "attitude paralysis" and take tangible actions towards enhancing crew welfare. He advocates for regulatory updates that prioritize welfare as an inherent right for seafarers, underlining the crucial role of maritime organizations in implementing measures to create a supportive environment that addresses stress and fatigue.

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