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Samsung Heavy Industries to pay $75 million to resolve foreign bribery case

Samsung Heavy Industries Company Limited (SHI) has agreed to pay penalties amounting to more than $75 million in order to resolve a U.S. government’s investigation into violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The Department of Justice stated that SHI paid millions of dollars to a Brazilian intermediary knowing that some of the money would be used to bribe high-level executives at Petrobras to obtain a shipbuilding contract.

Volunteers on Sea-Watch 3 face prosecution for rescuing migrants

Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini, has accused the crew of Sea-Watch 3, a migrant rescue vessel, of ‘criminality’ for rescuing 47 maritime migrants in the central Mediterranean. For the time being, the Minister considers charges for the crew for ‘favouring illegal immigration’. Also, the crew has been prevented from leaving the boat, or local waters, by Italian minister.

Alleged bribery incidents in Venezuela

Steamship Mutual announced that the Venezuelan Club Correspondents Venepandi have reported a trend where some crew members and even Masters have become subject to criminal investigations because of alleged bribery committed with local officials in terminals or similar in Venezuela.

Captain convicted for surpassing alcohol limit in New Zealand

In view of the alcohol conviction of a cargo ship’s master, on 7 August, Maritime New Zealand’s Northern Regional Manager, Neil Rowarth, reminded seafarers that “safety is paramount”, and any crew found over the alcohol limit will be prosecuted.

UK MCA: Masters of Humber collision fined

The UK MCA has announced that the masters of two vessels that collided in the Humber during thick fog in May last year have pleaded guilty to conduct endangering ships under the Act when they appeared at Hull Magistrates Court on February 3

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