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IMO MEPC 81 proposes new Chapter 5 of MARPOL Annex VI

​IMO MEPC 81, that took place March 18-22, agreed on an illustration of a possible draft outline of an “IMO net-zero framework” for cutting greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from international shipping. The draft outline illustration lists regulations under the (MARPOL, which will be adopted or amended to allow for a new global fuel standard and a new global pricing mechanism for maritime GHG emissions. 

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DNV: Key considerations on the use of biofuels

DNV has released a technical update on the use of biofuels or biofuel blends to clarify the regulatory status and other considerations on the usage of such fuels. Seeing that biofuels are one of many ways to comply with the IMO’s strategy on the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) emissions from ships, DNV provides a summary of regulatory issues, safety and operational aspects.

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