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Infographic: Royal Caribbean’s 5 keys to healthy cruising

The cruise industry is making changes to its schedules and voyages trying to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak and protect its passengers and crew onboard. Thus, Royal Caribbean presents five key steps for a healthy cruising experience.

What to know when travelling to and from Coronavirus-affected countries

The new coronavirus has cost the lives of 132 people, while the number of confirmed cases continue to rise every day. Of course, seafarers must be aware of this situation, and take the necessary proactive measures, in order to stay healthy. For this reason, Sailors’ Society published an infographic with all the necessary information to be protected from the new virus.

Infographic: Suicide prevention advice

On the occasion of the World Mental Health Day celebrated on 10th October, Mental Health Foundation issued an infographic providing simple suicide prevention advice for anyone concerned. This comes as the World Health Organization sheds a focus this year on suicide prevention.

How to improve wellbeing onboard

MHFA England published an infographic aiming to boost wellbeing at work. The infographic includes 30-minute activities that anyone can carry in order to improve their work experience. These activities can also be applied by seafarers and regard: motivation, movement, sharing, bonding, and discovering.

UK Club: Ten basic rules for a healthier heart

As part of its crew health scheme series, the UK Club informed that it has observed a recent number of heart disease cases involving young seafarers. Healthy lifestyle choices can positively reduce the risk of getting heart disease or prevent deterioration of the condition. 

Infographic: Managing worries at sea

Many of the things that cause stress for seafarers aren’t things that can be changed, like being away from home for extended periods. In their recent ‘Managing Stress and Sleeping Well at Sea’ guide, ISWAN and Shipowners Club provide a useful infographic for managing worries at sea.

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