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Loss Prevention Initiatives: Human element on top

Every year, the UK P&I Club deals with thousands of claims using the expertise and experience of its professional claims handlers, ex-seafarers and lawyers. With decades of research into loss prevention issues, the Club has developed a formidable body of technical material on maritime risks.

Management of Change – It’s Good to Talk

The shipping industry is in the midst of a considerable challenge in the form of Low Sulphur 2020. However it is arguable that ‘change’ is becoming the new ‘normal’; after all, the industry continues to meet the challenges imposed by the introduction of ECDIS. It seems that managing significant industry-wide changes of that nature will become more common and frequent than in the past, notes Mr. Carl Durow, Loss Prevention Manager, London P&I Club.

Why P&I insurance is more vital today than ever before

Driven by global challenges, today, shipping industry often finds itself in a turbulent seascape and despite all best efforts, accidents do occur. P&I insurance is specifically designed to address the unique needs of the marine industry, covering practically all maritime liability risks. In this article, Mr. John Dolan confirms that P&I insurance is more relevant and necessary today than ever before.

AMSA: Safety alert on risks with getting on and off vessels

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority issued a safety alerting, highlighting the risks involved when entering and departing a vessel, commenting that it is a legal requirement under the national law to provide safe access to a vessel.

Proper understanding of anchor equipment limitations crucial

The Swedish Club shares lessons learned from a loss of anchor incident, which took place in heavy weather. The anchor and chain were lost and the vessel was not allowed to continue its journey until the anchor and chain had been replaced.

DNV GL advises of how not to fall dry when calling ports

DNV GL’s Jan Rüde, Ship Type Expert MPV, discusses the challenges that vessels face when ports, either with high tidal range or ports in river estuaries, fall dry at low tide, which results to costly ship bottom deformation if the ground is uneven.

Initial investigation findings for fire onboard car-ferry

After the fire incident on the car-ferry MF Ytterøyningen on October 10th, 2019, the battery manufacturer Corvus presented its first findings. In fact, a thorough investigation led by the Kvinnherad police in Hordaland, Norway; the Norwegian National Criminal Investigation Service; DNV GL; Norwegian Maritime Authorities; Corvus Energy; insurance companies; as well as other stakeholders, was carried out concerning both the course of events and the cause of the incident.

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