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RMI: Complying with SOLAS amendments on life-saving appliances

RMI issued updated IMDG Code requirements, reflecting its decision to allow 200 bar oxygen cylinders to be replaced with those of an equivalent capacity. This is due to an increasing number of countries that limit the filling pressure of medical oxygen to below the 200 bar recommended in the MFAG.

No lifejacket? No excuses anymore

Maritime New Zealand in its latest initiative focused on ways to prevent drowning. In order to attract people’s attention of the drowning prevention issue, Maritime NZ has now funded a brand-new lifejacket project, in which provides a lifejacket to everyone visiting the Manukau Harbour.

USCG: How to comply with SOLAS amendments on life-saving appliances

The US Coast Guard issued a new circular providing guidance to the maritime industry and Coast Guard personnel on how vessel owners and operators may comply with amendments to SOLAS Chapter III, Regulation 3 and 20 regarding life-saving appliances, that will enter into force from 1st January 2020.

USCG finalizes PFDs harmonization policy

The US Coast Guard announced it is finalizing the policy harmonizing personal flotation device standards between the US and Canada by accepting a new standard for approval of PFDs. This will enable PFD manufacturers to meet a single North American standard instead of separate standards.

New requirements coming into force on maintenance of life-saving appliances

1st January of 2020 marks the beginning for many regulatory updates for shipping. One of them is the new IMO requirements for the maintenance, examination, operational testing, overhaul and repair of lifeboats and rescue boats; the following article outlines key changes to assist operators in effective compliance with new requirements.

Maritime NZ: Failure to wear lifejacket key risk factor for boaties

Most recreational boaties in New Zealand continue to be highly safety conscious when they go on the water, but 20% still report that they wear a lifejacket either never, not very often or only some of the time, according to figures released by Maritime New Zealand on the occasion of Safer Boating Week. 

Six rescued from sinking vessel off Davenport

The US Coast Guard and Santa Cruz Harbor Master rescued six people from the water Sunday after their 21-foot recreational boat capsized near Davenport, California. None of the individuals were reported wearing a life-jacket.

AMSA: Kapok-filled jackets should be replaced and destroyed

AMSA issued a safety alert to raise awareness of the risks associated with the use of out of date, kapok-filled lifejackets. Kapok filled lifejackets with cotton straps are decades old and have not been manufactured since the 1980s. However, an unknown number are still being used.


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