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GPS tracker helps collect 40 tonnes of plastic in Pacific Ocean

Sea pollution is increasing rapidly as ghost nets and plastic are seen travelling through the world’s oceans. Marine debris is hazardous not only for the the people making a living by the oceans, but also for the marine life. To save the oceans a California-based cargo ship named ‘Kwai’ collected 40 tonnes of plastics from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and docked in a Konolulu, Hawaii Harbour. 

Vessel communication platform criticized for cyber security flaws

IOActive, Inc. released a new advisory documenting critical cybersecurity vulnerabilities affecting Stratos Global’s AmosConnect communication shipboard platform, which is used by thousands of ships globally. Responding to this claim, Inmarsat, mother company of Stratos Global, confirmed that AC8 is no longer in service,  noting that its central server no longer accepts connections from AmosConnect 8 email clients, therefore the software is not applicable.

USCG focuses on cyber risk management

As October is national cyber security awareness month, the US Coast Guard informed that, in partnership with industry associations, class societies, and other Flag States, worked through IMO to develop Guidelines on Maritime Cyber Risk Management, and a subsequent Resolution Maritime Cyber Risk Management in SMS.

Nautilus International: Automation to restructure seafaring

Southampton Solent University Emeritus Professor, Mike Barnett, told that the new generation of high-tech vessels are likely to operate with increasingly reduced crew levels and, where there are seafarers on ships, they will be in small numbers but highly trained.

Cyber threats turning industry to legacy systems?

In its latest edition of Phish&Ships newsletter, Be Cyber Aware at Sea campaign provides an insight into the pain and costs associated with cyber losses, while also exploring the old technologies which could re-emerge as vessels seek to protect themselves against GPS weaknesses. 

USCG: Best practices for GPS equipment

The Coast Guard Navigation Center released a 21-page document including best practices for the installation and operation of GPS to improve the resilience of equipment receiving.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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