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New Zealand to build its first fully-electric ferry

New Zeland’s McKay announced in a statement that they are to develop and implement the country’s first plug-in fully electrical ferry along SSC Marine, which is planned to be built in Wellington.  According to the company, the ferry is the first of its king in New Zealand and also in the entire southern hemisphere.

Stockholm’s first hybrid ice-class passenger ferry launched

Stockholm shipping company Waxholmsbolaget has launched Stockholm’s first hybrid ice-going passenger ferry. The ship is powered by hybrid electric propulsion and is serving the Stockholm archipelago. It is able to transport up to 150 passengers. The ferry will help Stockholm become a fossil fuel-free city by 2040.

New study to examine renewable electricity technology on ships

A year long study started to examine the possibility of using sail technology to an Ultrabulk ship importing biomass into the UK for Drax. The study aims to come up with cost-effective ways to cut emissions from the shipping industry. The aim is to establish viable, zero-emission vessels.

IEA: Energy demand to rise by over 25% until 2040

IEA published the World Energy Outlook 2018, which includes global energy trends and their possible impacts on supply and demand, carbon emissions, air pollution, and energy access. With today’s policies, WEO’s New Policies Scenario says that energy demand will rise by more than 25% to 2040.

ESPO: Air quality the top priority for European ports

ESPO presented its annual Environmental Report for 2018 at the GreenPort Congress in Valencia. The ESPO Environmental Report reported that Air quality is the top priority of the European ports since 2013, while the increased interest in the relationship with local community in position 4.

BorWin platform topside installed in German North Sea

The BorWin gamma topside has been successfully installed on its jacket foundation in the German North Sea. The giant float-over installation procedure was safely completed on October 11. The platform will supply more than one million German households with clean electricity from wind power.

Port of Long Beach to lead energy resiliency project

The Port of Long Beach will build a $7.1 million ‘microgrid’ to show the present new technology’s effectiveness in providing a clean, reliable supply of electricity for critical operations at the US’s second-busiest seaport. The Port will establish a solar carport, power storage systems and advanced controls.

Shipping decarbonization: Three key elements to move forward

In an exclusive interview with SAFETY4SEA during SMM 2018, Mr. Eirik Nyhus, Director, Environment, International Regulatory Affairs, DNV GL notes that electrification is going to be a key element to move forward the sustainability space. Definitely decarbonization is the number one challenge for the industry, Mr. Nyhus comments, citing three key elements to accelerate pace. He concludes that climate change is the key driver for more action, meaning that policy makers ‘have to actually start today’ and not wait till 2023!

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