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Guyana ratifies treaties for safe and clean shipping

Guyana ratified two key IMO measures aimed to preserve bio-diversity: the Ballast Water Management Convention and another on use of harmful anti-fouling systems on ships hulls. It also ratified others regarding unlawful acts against the safety of navigation and removing wrecks from the seabed. In addition, it signed four instruments covering liability and compensation.

BEMA: Bridging the gap between manufacturers and shipowners

Mr. Mark Riggio, President, BEMA, refers to the objectives of this new association; as a key priority, the Ballastwater Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (BEMA) aims to harmonize differences between manufacturers and ship owners and provide a unified voice and technical support to facilitate compliance.

Wärtsilä’s BWMS is on global demand

Wärtsilä’s Aquarius UV Ballast Water Management System is on demand by global shipping operators. The system will enable the vessels to be in line with the Ballast Water Management Convention regulations that entered into force in September 2017, concerning all new-builds vessels. The company’s BWTS has been presented with 13 systems, the orders for which were all booked in quarter four 2018.

Top 10 issues concerning the future of shipping

2019 kicked off with the data collection on fuel oil consumption, alternative mechanisms to comply with the 2020 Sulphur cap, the EU Ship Recycling Regulation, the IMSBC Code 2017 amendment as well as amendments designating North Sea and Baltic Sea as ECAs. With many more regulations and developments still yet to come, nations from all across the globe, ship operators and crew are going through a key period because of ten major issues that will have significant impact over the next ten years in the shipping industry.

BWMC implementation: The time for delays and denial is over

Mr. Mark Riggio, President of the Ballastwater Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (BEMA) talks about the current challenges toward BWMC implementation, highlighting that the deadline for a BWTS installation expires, thus the sooner they start planning, the better. As explained, more than 80% of the world’s fleet by tonnage flies the flag of an Administration signatory to the Convention

How to select a suitable BWTS, a roadmap to retrofitting

Mr. Leif Erik Caspersen, Director International Sales, ERMA FIRST, provides recommendations on how to select a suitable BWTS retrofitting. A ballast water treatment, he said, is much complicated as it is especially designed for each vessel. Mr. Caspersen advised that operators should select the systems with the most suitable operation options for their vessels.

BIMCO: Shipping industry must act early for ballast water compliance

BIMCO issued its latest digital bulletin focusing on the challenges that have risen around compliance with ballast water regulations. The association reminds that operators should take measures to comply as soon as possible, despite the fact that the focus is on the 2020 sulphur cap.

What’s on the agenda for MEPC 73?

IMO’s MEPC 73 will take place on 22-26 October 2018, at IMO Headquarters in London, focusing on key environmental challenges facing the shipping industry. Among the key topics on the agenda are the hot issues of the GHG reduction from ships and 2020 sulphur cap. 


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