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Britannia P&I considers the benefits of CCTV cameras on vessels

Brittania P&I considers the benefits of CCTV cameras on board ships, as a number of visually recorded and publicised maritime incidents highlight the value of such recordings when investigating incidents and determine facts. Mainly, the recordings are of a big help when dealing with accidents that have occurred or have allegedly occurred. CCTV footage can make investigations easier, and also improve the possibility of more findings.

Caution required over record low temperatures in North China

North China is experiencing record low temperatures this season, and specially low temperatures in the past 2 weeks, posing a threat to safe navigation due to icy sea condition in the area. The key ports affected are those in the Liaodong Bay area, from Dalian to Huludao, Panjin, Bayuquan, Jinzhou and Dandong.

Argentina requirements when ship missing anchor

Based on data provided by correspondents Pandi Liquidadores SRL in Argentina, Britannia P&I Club cited a number of scenarios that should be taken into account when one of the ship’s anchors is missing, whilst in Argentina waters.

Lifestyle changes can improve seafarer's wellbeing

The Britannia P&I Club has released the second part of its ‘Health Watch’ publication focusing this time on mental health issues, weight and body mass index (BMI), diet and exercise, back pain and malaria. The Club says that daily changes in lifestyle such as adopting a balanced and healthy diet and exercise can have a positive impact on crew members’ health and suggests to adopt small changes in daily routine life as soon as possible.

Simple steps to better health onboard

The Britannia P&I Club released its ‘Health Watch’ publication including illustrations with the aim to raise awareness about seafarers’ health. The Club deals with serious medical conditions and provides basic facts regarding the symptoms and causes of these, stressing that relatively small changes in lifestyle can have a significant positive impact on health.

Keeping charts up to date is important for safe navigation

In its monthly “Risk Watch” report, the Britannia P&I Club informs ship operators on the importance of ensuring a correct appliance of charts, on ships that are using traditional paper charts, as well as on ships that are using ECDIS as the primary means for navigation.

Risks of moving heavy objects while onboard

Presenting a recent case of crew moving steel plates in its monthly “Risk Watch” report, the Britannia P&I Club informed on the risks associated with moving heavy objects. According to the case, three crew members were moving ten pieces of steel plate around the steering gear room, while the ship was underway.

Britannia Club advises how to avoid collision

In its monthly “Risk Watch” report ,the Britannia P&I Club issued one out of a series of posters aiming to collision avoidance. The poster deals with look-out and the use of AIS and concerns the Rule 5 of the International Collision Regulations (COLREGs), which requires ships to use all available means to make a full appraisal of each time situation.

Crew training is vital on board gas carriers

The Britannia P&I Club published its “Risk Watch” report, for April, where it provides advice and information on several issues challenging the maritime sector. In the specific category of cargo loading, the report offers a cautionary tale on the appropriate training of the crew, when they are on board gas carriers.

Inadequate packaging results in cargo damage

The Britannia P&I Club has reported a recent case in which a consignment of pressure boiler parts was physically damaged during moderately heavy weather whilst en route from Hong Kong to Houston.

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