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British Ports Association: Brexit to cause negative impact

The impacts of UK leaving the European Union could be crucial. The prospect of customs and bureaucratic environmental health checks at the border could possibly create congestion and delays, particularly for HGVs at Roll-on Roll-off ferry ports.

Nautilus International asks about Brexit impact on UK seafarers

The Union urged UK shipping minister John Hayes to request urgent clarification, regarding the action that is being taken by the UK to ensure that British seafarers will still be able to work on ships registered in other EU member states on the basis of their UK training and qualifications.

ECSA urges for progress in Brexit negotiations

In view of the European Council deciding this week on whether the Brexit negotiations can enter the next phase, European shipowners called for rapid and positive progress to be made towards an EU/UK agreement, to secure both EU’s and Britain’s economic benefits.

Budget omission disappointment for UK seafarers, says Nautilus

The UK’s shipping industry is battling a significant decline in seafarer numbers and there is danger of that figure shrinking even further without intervention, especially in the post -Brexit environment, according to Nautilus International.

UK marine insurers take measures ahead Brexit

The North P&I Club, the Standard P&I Club and Sunderland Marine have been developing contingency plans, considering Dublin for the establishment of a subsidiary after Brexit. In addition, other P&I Clubs are exploring Luxembourg and Cuprys as new locations to ensure access to EU markets.

British ports: Transport infrastructure a priority

In the context of Budget Statement the British Ports Association is calling on the Chancellor to give priority to transport infrastructure spending and to ensure that port connectivity schemes are not overlooked.

Brexit failure to affect all European ports

David Dingle CBE, Chairman of Maritime UK, underlined that failure to secure a deal will not only see delays and disruption at ports like Dover, Holyhead and Portsmouth, but also in the EU at ports like Zeebrugge, Calais and Dublin.

UK maritime sector boosts economy by £22bn annually

UK maritime sector reports strong growth with an increase of 12.7% in turnover, 6.6% in GVA and 3.9% in employment over a five-year period, according to a recent report for Maritime UK. The report also shows that the sector contributes nearly £40 billion to the UK economy.