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Likely Brexit deal looks like ‘no deal’ for ports, says BPA

Following agreement UK and EU on a transition deal and, ahead of the EU Council meeting later this week, the British Ports Association issued a new report, calling for a pragmatic deal with the EU on both customs and regulatory recognition, that allows both businesses to get their goods across borders as quickly as possible.

ESPO’s position on Brexit

The European Sea Ports Organisation released a position paper to submit to the negotiators, as Brexit has now entered the second phase. With this paper, ESPO calls on the Brexit negotiators to prioritise transport and more in particular maritime transport.

BPA: Ports operations must be smooth after Brexit

Regarding recent developments on the UK’s future border arrangements, British Ports Association issued a response saying that it supports the UK Government’s plan for unobstructed trade with the EU after Brexit.

Port of Antwerp wants to ensure its place in UK ahead of Brexit

The Port of Antwerp has decided to appoint a full-time representative in the UK, in order to keep in closer touch with the UK economic situation, as the Brexit is soon to happen. As the Port informed commercial relations between the port and the UK are very significant.

Brexit can cause major disruption at UK, EU ports

Responding to the publication of the Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee report on ‘Brexit: Trade in Food’, the British Ports Association warned that the lack of agreements on cross-border environmental health standards, can cause a major disruption at UK and EU ports.

Trading between Europe and UK to continue despite Brexit

Shipping and logistics company DFDS has recorded a record result for 2017. The company reported an operating profit of DKK 2.7 billion, mainly due to the increase in volumes of the company’s ten freight routes across the North Sea. To meet with the increased volume growth that is expected to occur, DFDS ordered four mega ships.

BPA debates the Free Ports concept

The Free Ports concept has been much debated recently. This will not solve some of the immediate cross border challenges arising from Brexit but there are some ports such as Milford Haven, Teesport and others, where there could be interest. British Ports Association also outlined its vision for UK ports to be granted a special status, enabling development.

BPA: British ports important to UK economy

The British Ports Association released a video highlighting the importance of ports to the UK’s economy. The film uses new economic impact study data produced for Maritime UK, showing the value of the UK ports industry.

Brexit aftershocks in shipping

UK leaves the European Union; the first member to do so in the EU’s 59-year history. This may be the top trade story of 2017. Nine months later, under the Article 50, UK traverses a two-year negotiation period after which the treaties cease to apply. Will Brexit be just an inconvenience or a major drawback to maritime trade?

BPA to focus on Brexit talks in 2018

British Ports Association released an announcement outlining its key priorities for 2018. Amongst these, the focus turns on influencing the Brexit discussions, as well as the promotion of planning a freight policy reform.


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