Coronavirus affects seafarer working conditions

AMSA informs that travel restrictions and quarantine measures which have been implemented worldwide to help limit the spread of COVID-19 are beginning to impact seafarer working conditions.

Australian ports offer free WiFi to seafarers

Seafarers onboard ships entering Australian ports, will from now on experience a new initiative called “Seafarer Connect”. Specifically, the system will offer free WiFi signal and internet access to every seafarer visiting Australia. For the records, the initiative was first launched in Sydney, during a meeting of the International Transport Workers’ Federation.

Handbook for mariners operating in Australian waters

The Mariner’s Handbook for Australian Waters (AHP20), launched by the Australian Hydrographic Office, provides information that helps vessels operate safely and according to the relevant maritime rules and regulations covering operations in Australian waters, as well as providing advice on emergency contacts and where additional information may be found to meet particular circumstances.

ITF workers campaign globally in support of Australian seafarers

According to the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) thousands of international transport (ITF) workers will participate in a global rally outside Australian embassies, as part of a global day action to support Australian seafarers and demand a better future for the Australian domestic shipping.

International maritime unions support sacked Australian crew

Maritime unions in Canada are supporting colleagues in Australia that were sacked after an Australian shipping company decided to replace them with foreign crew on flag of convenience vessels and employed them on lower pay, with poorer conditions. The Maritime Union of Australia called the Australian government to bring in legislation to protect Australian maritime jobs.

Australia in need of more skilled seafarers

The latest review of skills and capacity for Australian seafarers has concluded that more than 560 new workers will be needed in the next four years. These seafarers will have to be experts beyond standard qualifications. Maritime Industry Australia warns that in spite of expected increases in demand for seafaring skills, there is no increase in training options for new workers.

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