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ATSB investigates collision with tree incident on Sweets Lagoon

Two passengers were injured, one of them seriously, after the airboat ‘Gale Force’ collided with a tree, during tourism operations on Sweets Lagoon, Northern Territory, at about 1010 hours on 22 June 2019. The ATSB has commenced an investigation in the collision.

Australian cutter grounding linked to poor use of ECDIS

Australia’s Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) issued an investigation report on the grounding of the Australian Border Force cutter Roebuck Bay (ABFC Roebuck Bay) on Henry Reef, Queensland, in September 2017. The report identified an amendment on the passage plan which led the vessel to the reef and poor use of ECDIS.

Investigation on YM Efficiency loss of containers continues

The Australian transportation Safety Bureau (ATSB) announced that the investigation into the loss of containers overboard from YM Efficiency, off Newcastle, on 1st June 2018, is continuing. The investigation is currently in the examination and analysis phase.

Pasha Bulker beaching: A mix of poor SMS, fatigue and bad weather

It is almost 12 years since the bulk carrier ‘Pasha Bulker’ came out at the Nobbys Beach of New South Wales offering an unusual spectacle for local people. The incident is an interesting case study of inadequate communication, inefficient SMS, poor judgement due to fatigue and the objective cause of extreme weather conditions.

Ferry suffers fire off Queensland, passengers evacuated

The Australian passenger vessel ‘Fitzroy Flyer’ suffered an engine room fire and all of its four crew and 37 passengers were evacuated, east-north-east of Cairns, Queensland on 29 March 2019. Fitzroy Flyer was on a return trip to Cairns from Fitzroy Island.

Ship contacts wharf as harbour master, pilot are unaware of fender issues

ATSB published its report on the contact with a wharf by the livestock carrier Angus Express. The vessel contacted Berths 4 and 5, at Broome, Western Australia, on 20 April 2018. The report concluded that the harbour master and pilot were not aware of any height of tide limitations regarding berthing ships alongside Yokohama fenders at these berths.

Non-compliance with procedures leads to fall onboard Shanghai Spirit

ATSB issued an investigation report on a serious injury of two crew onboard the bulk carrier ‘Shanghai Spirit’, northeast of Port Alma. The ATSB found that, contrary to established procedures, the two crew remained on the unsecured scaffold tower in preparation for repositioning, rendering it top-heavy and unstable. 

Insufficient risk management led cargo ship to contact wharf

ATSB published its final report into the cargo ship ‘Madang Coast’ impacting a wharf at the Port of Townsville. The risk management processes were not sufficiently mature nor resilient enough to identify and mitigate risks in pilotage services. The incident has led to the updating and full implementation of a safety management system, in order to better identify risks and how to mitigate them.

Open valves lead to water ingress in cement carrier

ATSB presented its report regarding the water ingress into the steering gear compartment onboard Goliath, off Tasmania, in March 2018. According to the report, the request to close the after peak tank ballast line valves was not actioned as expected. This caused an undetected filling of the after peak tank during ballasting operations.

Australia, N. Zealand discuss ways to improve transport safety

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau met with its New Zealand counterpart the Transport Accident Investigation Commission, to discuss transport safety matters in the region. The Chief Commissioners also signed a revised MoU, reinstating that in case of a major accident, each agency will be ready to offer support and assistance.


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