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More ice to enter in the North Atlantic Ocean

A recent research shows that more Arctic sea ice is entering the North Atlantic Ocean, increasing the risks for ships which sail in these areas in spring. The ice trapped many ships, even causing some to sink, as it damaged their hulls. The study authors say that warming temperatures cause by climate change are melting more Arctic ice, increasing ice mobility and opening channels that are normally frozen shut.

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Icebergs season started in the North Atlantic

Hapag-Lloyd informed that the period of icebergs, drifting out of the Arctic Ocean and into the North Atlantic, starts from April and lasts until August. The authorities recently reported that there are more icebergs this year than usual. The company’s captains keep their vessels south of the drift ice limit, so as to avoid any dangerous collisions.

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Cargo vessel sinks off Uruguay

Twenty-two crew members are missing, after a South Korean cargo vessel probably sank in the South Atlantic, off Uruguay. The "Stellar Daisy" has actually gone missing and is believed to have sunk, after a crew member sent a text message to their South Korean employer, informing that the ship was taking on water, on March 31st. Two sailors are saved.

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