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ReCAAP urges crews for extra vigilance in Sulu-Celebes Sea

During 15-21 August, two incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported to the ReCAAP ISC. Ship masters and crew are strongly urged to exercise extra vigilance while transiting the Sulu-Celebes Sea and eastern Sabah region, and report immediately to the reporting centres.

Robbers board bulk carrier off Indonesia

Two robbers boarded a bulk carrier and entered the steering gear room, while the ship was underway, off Pulau Nipah, Indonesia, on 20 August, according to the IMB Piracy Report Centre. The robbers threatened the duty oiler with a knife.

ReCAAP: Actual maritime incidents in Asia down compared to 2016

ReCAAP ISC said that there was an overall drop in actual piracy and armed robbery in Asia during Q12017, in comparison with the same period last year. In particular, 20 incidents were reported, out of which 18 were armed robbery and 2 were piracy incidents. Also, 15 of the total incidents were actual while 5 were attempted attacks, representing a drop of 12% compared to Jan-Mar 2016. ReCAAP noted that the number of attempted incidents increased which is an indication of successful efforts by crew to deter boarding by perpetrators.

ReCAAP issues weekly report

The ReCAAP ISC has gotten out its weekly report in order to inform of the incidents that occurred during the period 3-9 January and provide proper recommendation as well.

Robbery of anchored vessels off Puerto la Cruz

The West of England P&I Club issued an update concerning a recent noticeable increase in the number of anchored vessels being subject to acts of robbery within the designated anchorage areas off Puerto La Cruz, Port of Jose and Guanta Bay.

Guideline for RMI flagged vessels operating in West Africa

The Republic of the Marshall Islands issued a revised Marine Guideline for the RMI vessels operating in the waters off West Africa, particularly the Gulf of Guinea (GoG) to provide information on how to mitigate the risk of piracy and armed robbery in this region.


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