NOAA alerts the risks of the Arctic warming

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published its updated edition of the “Arctic Report Card for 2019”, focusing on the risks generated from the warming air temperatures, the declining sea ice and the warming waters. The report pays attention basically to the Bering Sea region.

IMO urges for implementation of polar safety measures to non-SOLAS ships

During its 31st session on 25 November-4 December, the IMO Assembly adopted a resolution on interim safety measures for ships not certified under the SOLAS Convention operating in polar waters. The resolution urges Member States to implement, voluntarily, safety measures prescribed in the Polar Code.

Iceland’s sulphur emission ban in its territorial sea

The Government of Iceland and the Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources recently published a new regulation, tightening fuel requirements in Iceland’s territorial waters. Through the regulation, the government aims to enhance improved air quality in harbors and comply with its coalition agreement and climate action plan.

Rosatom buys stake in logistics firm, boosting Arctic presence

Rosatom is completing the legal process of acquiring a non-controlling interest in logistics firm Delo Management Company, to further solidify its position in the Arctic. On the basis of Rosatom’s logistics assets and the assets of Delo Asset Management, it is planned to create a new Arctic container line. 

“Antarctic Treaty” holds 60th anniversary

Exactly 60 years have passed, since the “Antarctic Treaty” was inked in Washington on 1st of December 1959. Yesterday, was the 60th anniversary for the agreement which made Antarctica a peaceful place for science purposes and international collaborations. 

Yamal LNG surpasses annual nameplate capacity

According to Yamal LNG’s statement, from the beginning of 2019, the plant produced more than 16.5 million tonnes of LNG, surpassing its annual nameplate production capacity. The LNG plant reached the 25 million tons of LNG since the beginning of Train 1 in December 2017; From that time, Yamal has dispatched more than 340 cargos.


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