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Alaskan ports divided about small-ship cruising

At least one small ship cruise line will be allowed to dock at a southeastern Alaska port this month, Ketchikan city council has said, in a move which reflected the ongoing balance that needed to be struck between medical caution and economic necessity. On the other hand, Haines reached the oppossite conclusion.

Canadian and Alaskan crude find market in China

Following the COVID-19 crisis, Canadian and Alaskan crude which normally travels to the US West, started to finding a market in China, where condition is almost back to the pre-outbreak levels.

Cleanup authorities respond to Valdez Marine oil spill

Following an oily sheen near the Valdez Marine Terminal’s Berth 4,  where Alaska oil is loaded onboard oceangoing tankers, authorities started cleaning operations. Specifically, officials determined that the main source of the pollution was a mixture of oil and water flowing downhill from an overflowing drain sump.

Swiss bank stops investing on offshore Arctic projects

According to Reuters, the Swiss UBS Bank decided to stop providing its support concerning drilling in the Arctic. In fact, the bank will stop funding future offshore oil and gas projects located in Alaska, amid efforts to face climate change.

New collaboration to boost Arctic connectivity

The global communications company OneWeb announced a new distributor partnership expected to enable delivery of its high speed communications services across Alaska. The deal, inked with Pacific Dataport Inc. (PDI), a company founded by Microcom.

Fishing vessel sinks in Gulf of Alaska, five go missing

The U.S. Coast Guard launched a search for five fishermen after their boat, Scandies Rose, sank near Sutwik Island in Alaska, during the late hours of Tuesday, December 31. In fact, when the 130-foot crab fishing vessel, homeported in Dutch Harbor, sank at roughly 2200 on Tuesday had seven crew members aboard. The USCG managed to rescue two survivors while the other five are still missing.

Port Alaska receives $25m grant for repairs

The US Department of Transportation issued a $25 million grant to the Port of Alaska (Anchorage’s seaport), in line with the Better Utilizing Investment to Leverage Development (BUILD) program, with the funds being used for the first phase of the port’s upgrade, renovating its cement and petroleum dock, which is falling into disrepair. 

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