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Port Alaska receives $25m grant for repairs

The US Department of Transportation issued a $25 million grant to the Port of Alaska (Anchorage’s seaport), in line with the Better Utilizing Investment to Leverage Development (BUILD) program, with the funds being used for the first phase of the port’s upgrade, renovating its cement and petroleum dock, which is falling into disrepair. 

Norwegian Cruise Line boosts presence in Alaska

The Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings issued a statement informing that it will expand and boost its presence in the cruise market of Alaska, amid its rapid development, following a 30-year agreement with Ward Cove Dock Group, LLC, in order to construct a new double ship pier located at Ward Cove, Ketchikan, Alaska.

New project eyes LNG export from Alaska to Asia

The new Alaska-based company Qilak LNG revealed plans to ship natural gas from the North Slope field to Asian markets, under a proposed Alaska North Slope LNG export project (Qilak LNG 1 Project). To this end, the company announced an agreement with ExxonMobil Alaska Production to ship LNG from Point Thomson.

Norwegian cruise purchases Alaska lot for new cruise ship dock

Norwegian Cruise Line bought a three-acre waterfront lot in Juneau, Alaska for $20 million, and to use the site for a new cruise ship dock. In order to begin the construction of the newly-purchased lot, the company has to acquire the approval of Juneau’s city assembly and get a conditional zoning permit, as the Juneau Empire reports. 

Ferry in Alaska monitors ocean acidification

The last two years MV Columbia records the ocean’s vitals every three minutes, along a 1,600-kilometer route through the Inside Passage. This includes the coastal region from Puget Sound to the Alaska Panhandle. The ship measures the sea’s temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen content, and carbon dioxide concentration, aiming to monitor ocean acidification.

Alaska’s cruise ship monitoring program to be restructured

The Alaskan state legislature is to restructure the Ocean Rangers program, monitoring cruise ship traffic in the vulnerable waters of Alaska, in opposition with a recently-imposed veto by Alaskan Governor Mike Dunleavy, announced a month ago.  

Alaska’s state ferry workers go on strike due to big budget reductions

Alaska’s ferry system was shut down for a second straight day last week, due to a boat workers strike, who protest about stalled contract talks and big budget cuts imposed by the governor. Namely, about 420 members of the Inlandboatman’s Union of the Pacific walked off the job on July 24, after three years of labor negotiations with the state-run Alaska Marine Highway System hit a dead-end.

USCG rescues five fishermen after vessel sinking

The US Coast Guard and Alaska State trooper boat crews rescued five fishermen when their vessel sunk near Black Island, on Sunday, July 14. The Daffnie commercial fishing vessel sunk in approximately 500-foot deep water with the possibility of 400 gallons of diesel fuel aboard.

USCG Alaska suspends search for missing crew after fire

The US Coast Guard Alaska issued a statement on a missing person after an explosion and subsequent fire at Delong Dock in Whittier, Alaska, according to which they suspend the search on the missing person. The Coast Guard reported that the fire allegedly occurred on a fixed barge and then spread to the pier and then to the fishing vessel. 


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