The new reductions apply to LNG tankers until June 30, and it is an extension of previous navigational publications. The reductions encourage LNG tankers to cross the Suez Canal by adjusting the reduction granted to them from 25% to 30% of fees Regular transit.

The second periodic book of the navigational publication No. (7/2017) also stipulates that LNG carriers, loaded or empty, operating between the American Gulf and some regions of the Asian continent, are granted rates of reduction from 35% to 75%.

LNG tankers on their cruise voyage to or from ports located within the Persian Gulf starting from the port of Muscat and western India to the port of Kochi are granted a 35% reduction in the regular transit fees, while LNG tankers benefit during their flights to or from Ports east of Kochi port until before Singapore, with a reduction of 55% from the regular fees, and a reduction rate of 75% for the ports in Singapore and the east.

The new discounts target other categories of vessels transiting the channel, including both container ships and LPG tankers.

Moreover, another navigational publication regards container ships coming from Northwest European ports plus the port of Tangier to Algeciras port and heading directly to the port of Port Klang.

The East and Southeast Asia and Far East ports have a reduction of 6% of regular transit fees, and the application of the publication requires that the company operating an application before sailing from the port of doing through the shipping agency, taking into account that the ship does not stop for commercial purposes between the ports of departure and arrival.