Data received from the monitor is shown on a dashboard interface, which enables both ship and fleet-level critical information to be displayed for the user.


Data obtained from the fleet can be presented on the intuitive dashboard, allowing the user to rank ships in a league table from best to worst performance. The system’s vessel dashboard displays all data received for a ship within a specified period including amounts discharged and speed of discharge, as well as equipment details like serial numbers, calibration, maintenance requirements, idle time, active time and prevented discharges. The system also offers a mapping function to show where discharges occurred.

In addition, the discharge data can be used as an automated entry into an electronic ORB. Furthermore, the software aims to improve the credibility of discharge data collected by limiting the risk of human error.

Martin Saunders, Director at Rivertrace Limited, stated on the occasion:

Digital technology is changing the landscape of our industry and in launching RIVERTRACE CONNECTED, we are supporting our customers in their quest for simplified, continuous monitoring and efficient operations