The initiative, called Marine Integrated Lubrication and Expert Solutions (MILES) programme’, is part of company’s integrated strategy that includes delivery of smart solution to simplify ship owners operations and help reduce costs.

“It is vital that Shell Marine is responsive to the challenges in the maritime industry where complexity and cost pressure is the new normal,” says Jan Toschka, Shell Marine Executive Director.

“The flood of new regulations, changing engine technology, new fuels, efficiency pressures and increasing digitalisation means ship owners must adapt to thrive. It is only natural that they look to suppliers not only to help optimise their operating costs, but also to take away operational complexities where possible, allowing them to focus on their core business.”Mr. Toschka commented.

To maximise scale and benefits of MILES, Shell Marine is working with external experts to develop digital solutions utilising greater connectivity, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science. Shell Marine expects to offer a wide range of new services, from building recommendations about optimal volume/port lifting as well as creating ways to reduce purchasing costs to the extent of managing the entire lubrication management for the vessel.

Shell Marine anticipates this combination of stock levels, demand planning and supply costs to lead to greater synergies between customers and the company.

Mr. Toschka highlighted that this initiative is a response to the industry’s need for smarter and more intelligent ways to work together and create synergies on both sides, for ship owners and suppliers.