In fact, the initiative known as "ScotWind Leasing" aims to develop offshore wind farms with enough capacity to power every Scottish household.

ScotWind Leasing, enables companies at the cutting edge of offshore renewables to apply to build Scotland’s new generation of offshore wind farms and help power the transition to a net zero future.

What is more, the program goals to attract oil and offshore majors, while enhance region's competition within the renewable energy sector.

Offshore wind is currently one of the cheapest forms of new electricity generation and Scotland is perfectly poised to host major new projects, with a well-established energy skills sector as well as some of the best natural marine resources in Europe.

... John Robertson, Crown Estate Scotland’s head of energy & infrastructure, said.

Through the project, ScotWind goals to save more than 6 million tonnes of CO2 annually.

At the same time, there will be included measures to promote and enhance the supply chain to help ensure projects can be developed.

It’s anticipated that ScotWind will significantly increase the amount of power generated from offshore renewables, a major step towards meeting the Scottish Government’s target of Scotland being net zero by 2045.

...Crown Estate concluded.