Specifically, the cruise line reported on February 4 about ten passengers that had been positively tested for Coronavirus. Then, on February 6, the company stated that there were 41 additional passengers infected by the Coronavirus.

The latest update included information about 66 new cases, after being tested by the Japanese Ministry of Health on Diamond Princess, meaning there are approximately 130 passengers positively tested for coronavirus onboard the cruise ship.

Consequently, Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises president issued a statement highlighting that the primary goal of the company is the safety of the guests and the crew onboard the cruise ship.

In this unprecedented situation, the Japanese Ministry of Health authorities are working with us collaboratively on additional enhancements, approving new procedures as we adapt our process to the unique challenges of this situation

... Jan Swartz added.

Moreover, the company is collaborating with the Japan Ministry of Health and received additional medications which are being sorted and distributed based on medical and urgent priority.

Also, the company pays close attention to the guests in efforts to keeping them as healthy as possibly, providing mental health. The guests that have been experiencing mental stress have telephone access to communicate with trained counselors, providing support.

Concluding, the company noted that over the past two days, ten guests were disembarked needing other medical, not for Coronavirus, and were transferred to local hospitals. Information on nationalities of these new guests will be forth coming.