On February 5, the company issued a release stating that 10 passengers had been positively infected by the coronavirus, adding that the company in collaboration with the Japanese Ministry of Health, had taken the preventive measures needed for the protection of the uninfected passengers.

Yesterday, February 6, the cruise company informed that 41 additional passengers were infected by the virus, with the nationalities of the 41 people who were tested positive for Coronavirus being from Argentina (one); Australia (five); Canada (five), Japan (21); United Kingdom (one) and United States (eight).

In the meantime, the Japanese Ministry of Health noted that this was the last batch to be tested and the quarantine end date will be February 19, unless there are any other unforeseen developments.

The Japanese government is also providing our ship and team members additional manpower support

... Princess Cruises added.

The company added that they're putting great effort for the utmost comfort of their guest by providing new in-room entertainment offerings.

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