This project started at the beginning of 2018 and recently the two ports exchanged data directly via IT systems. The information refers to planned and actual arrival and departure times for ships coming from or heading to either Hamburg or Rotterdam.

Gerald Hirt, Managing Director of HVCC, commented:

Airport Collaborative Decision Making’ is a concept that we know from aviation and refers to the joint decision-making and data usage established in that industry, from which shipping can also benefit. The direct exchange of data between Hamburg and Rotterdam is the logical first step towards building a network of ports all over Europe, particularly in order to increase the ability to react to delays – and thus provide both shipping companies and terminals with improved and reliable support for the arrival and dispatching of ships.


This digital cooperation is achieved via an interface, which links the HVCC software with the PRONTO platform used in Rotterdam. This enables real-time exchange of data along the lines of the Port Call Standard of the International Harbour Masters’ Association (IHMA).

The interface reduces reaction times, since changes are communicated immediately. This is very useful when considering the ships' relatively short travel time of approximately 24 hours between Hamburg and Rotterdam.