Generally, SBITC is a member of the International Container Terminal Services Inc.

The terminal's new move includes less handling and an ability of serving smaller orders, as containers only transmit around 24 tonnes of grain.

SBITC supports that containerization has decreased shipping costs in Asia, whereas round-trip container shipping enables Asian countries to export products in the west, with the containers bringing back grain to Asia upon their return.

Containerization has been around for a while but is not being utilized in the Philippines yet for grain shipping. If containerization is applied in grain shipping then buyers can now order what they need, rather than ordering more than they can afford.

One of the country’s most technologically-advanced container terminals, Subic Bay International Terminal has an annual capacity of 600,000 TEUs.

During March, Subic Bay International Container Terminal (SBITC) launched a new container depot as part of the collective effort to improve the circulation of empty containers.