Specifically, 2M's cooperation deal with Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) will expire in the first quarter of 2020. Therefore, the Alliance teamed up with another shipping player to continue its operations and services.

As stated above, the new collaboration will begin on April 1, 2020.

MSC commented that the new deal

will provide continuity of services between Asia and the West Coast of North America, with improved services to the Pacific North West.

The new agreement with SM Line is separate from the 2M vessel sharing agreement between MSC and Maersk, and the services of 2M and SM Line will complement each other. Also, the collaboration includes a combination of slot exchanges and slot purchases among the three parties – MSC, Maersk and SM Line – and is subject to regulatory approval.

MSC added that its existing services to the US East Coast and Gulf remain unchanged and that the agreement between 2M and ZIM in the Pacific North West region also remains in full effect.

Concerning MSC, in late 2019, the company revealed its goals on becoming carbon-neutral, by offsetting all direct CO2 emissions from its fleet marine operations through a blend of carbon offset projects developed according to the highest standards by leading international entities that take action on greenhouse gas emissions.