Specifically, their initiative encourages maritime stakeholders, technology community and adjacent sectors to collaborate and address the challenges that coronavirus crisis has brought.

According to MPA Singapore:

The project must address the objective of this call to build a resilient and competitive maritime sector or sub-sectors (i.e. port, harbour craft community, shipping and maritime services), and build new/enhanced industry capabilities.

What is more, both sides call participants to submit their innovation proposals and lead the JIP execution.

The potential topics for JIP are given in Annex A, but the applicant is free to propose any innovation project that will contribute to the objective stated above.

Namely the proposals could also include the use of technologies such as AI, cloud,robotics, wearables and smart/remote technology to minimize human contacts.

The lead applicant should engage relevant industry stakeholders to validate its idea/proposal and solicit participation and contributions from at least two (2) JIP members in the submission.

...MPA Singapore added.

In light of the above, Maritime Innovation & Technology (MINT) Fund will offer a funding support level of up to 50% or (for impactful projects) up to 70% of the qualifying project costs.