Specifically, Ephesus Seaways vessel with a 6,700 linear-meter capacity also began operations.

According to the company's statement, the vessel will be DFDS's largest vessel to serve between Turkey and the EU.

Eva Lundstedt, who is the wife of Volvo’s CEO Martin Lundstedt, named the vessel and also gave a small speech about the important role this ferry will play for the region and for the company.

It will be the largest freight ferry ever to service DFDS’ customers on routes between Turkey and the EU. Its first departure will be on 9 March from Istanbul with arrival in Trieste on 11 March.

EVP Peder Gellert, Head of DFDS Ferry Division commented

We are extremely proud to present this new ferry to our customers. With space for 6,700 lane metres of cargo, our customers, the Turkish and European logistics companies, can look forward to greater capacity.

The 'Ephesus Seaways' is the first amongst six vessels that have been ordered from the Chinese Jinling Shipyard and will be deployed in DFDS’ route network.

Concluding, the vessel was reflagged under the Turkish flag and re-named to Ephesus Seaways in accordance with our principle of naming our Mediterranean ships after UNESCO heritage sites in Turkey, Selçuk Boztepe, Senior Vice President of DFDS in the Mediterranean reported.