In fact, this collaboration will give a boost to Hiroshima Gas' efficiency in the LNG operations and drop its transporting costs.

The agreement was made possible with the cooperation of Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd., a long term supplier of Hiroshima Gas and Tokyo Gas.

...said Tokyo Gas in a statement.

For the records, the deal is the first initiative of Tokyo LNG Tanker to transport LNG of multiple owners at the same time, while develops further utilization of the LNG carriers that Tokyo LNG Tanker owns and manages.


Moreover this agreement will benefit both Hiroshima Gas and Tokyo Gas with low-cost and stable energy supply and enhance their partnership.

Speaking of LNG transportation, Cryopeak LNG Solutions Corporation, based in Richmond BC, Canada, recently developed the first-ever “Super B-train” liquefied natural gas (LNG) hauling trailer with the aim to optimize small-scale LNG transportation in Canada.